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What could you be driving?

What could you be driving?

What could you be driving?

What could you be driving?

What could you be driving?

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If you are an existing car-allowance user with a car to part exchange, a seasoned company car driver with an option to take a cash alternative or you are a company looking to advise your car-allowance users, we may be able to assist you.

We specialise in providing nearly new cars with manufacturer's warranty at competitive prices - all with low deposits and transparent and flexible finance packages.

Please take a moment to review our:

10 Things You Should Know

Ten things to consider when buying your car and using finance for the purchase.

1. Am I paying a competitive price for the car?

Many people only ever look at the monthly payments when taking on a finance package. Ask what the total price of the vehicle is and then compare the price offered with competitive sources. This might include another garage, your local newspaper or have a look on Auto-trader. We, at car allowance, always make sure you know these details.

2. Am I paying a competitive price for the Finance?

Again, many people only ever look at the monthly payments when buying a car on finance. Find out what the flat rate interest rate being offered is and the resulting %APR. We provide very clear guidance on the finance you will be paying. We break it down and explain why it represents a great deal for you and fits the car you are proposing to buy.

3. Are you comparing Apples with Apples on car prices?

Once you have your quotes, make sure that when you compare them they are all quoted on a like for like basis. “I have found a car £700 cheaper than the one offered – It has only done 9,000 miles more, it is only 5 Months older, it doesn’t have leather, I am compromising a bit on colour. All aspects of a vehicle can affect the price – know what you are buying and what influences the price. We can assist you on all of the above.

4. I have found a car on the internet – Will it be okay?

This is the 64 Million dollar question. Always be sure that you understand the terms and conditions of any resulting sale. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is! Always get a second opinion and always check the history of the vehicle and ensure there is a HPI check – This will confirm whether the car has been in an accident or has outstanding finance.

5. Does the Motor Company value my custom?

As a potential customer, you should feel valued and know where you are at every stage of the sales cycle. You should never feel pressured and your questions or queries should be answered completely to your satisfaction. You certainly shouldn’t have to chase them – if you do, you will probably end up doing the same for the log-book, service history or spare set of keys!

6. Do they understand my needs? Do they care?

You may not be sure what you want or what you could get for your money. If you do then fine, but they also may want to double-check this with you. As a sales rep, are miles per gallon important? – The company pay so that’s okay, right? – But how might high mileage affect the residual value when I come to the end of my contract, would it vary between a BMW, Audi or Range Rover and why should I care? What benefits will I gain buying a new or nearly new car? At what point can I change the car during the lease term.

7. Are there any hidden charges?

Make sure you ask! Are you being quoted for a car that you can only do 10,000 miles a year in – It’s easy to think “I’ll worry about that later” but time soon flies by, and the excess mileage charges will cost you a lot more in the long run. You could pay high excess mileage charges and end up with a very hefty bill – Most companies will also charge you for any damage to the car at the end of the agreement.

8. What if my circumstances change?

Let’s face it, life is never simple. There are always things that happen and can give you cause to reconsider the personal or company ‘fit’ of the car you have chosen. Talk to us and we will investigate the options available to you and provide you with the comfort of making the right decision.

9. What Finance Plan best suits my circumstances?

There are many forms of car finance and include: Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase, Bank Loan, Contract Hire and Personal Leasing.

You need to make sure you are comparing apples for apples when comparing finance proposals as there are so many variables that affect your monthly payments.

If your circumstances change, what do you do and what are you liable for.

Talk to us before, during and when you are ready to change your car, whether that be at the end of the finance term or earlier because your circumstances have changed. We will guide and assist you all the way.

10. Will the company offer references?

I have never done business with the company but they do seem to have some really great references! Ask them if you are able to speak to any of them, are they credible businesses and/or people who can genuinely offer a reference of association with the company.

You can certainly speak to our customers. We have been supplying some of them for over twenty years and some for only a few months – We think they will all have similar views on their experiences. Please ask us for references.

Never be afraid to ask questions. You will probably only ever be faced with a car purchase every 3 or 4 years. Get yourself a partner who can work with you to get the best deal for you and who is happy to help you after you have made the purchase.

We would like you to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues – That is how our business has been built.